Officers and Executive Board (2017-2022/2020-2024*)

INTECOL, the International Association for Ecology, has a governing board.
The latter consists of executive board members and officers.

The Executive Officers are:

  • President: Eun-Shik Kim (Kookmin University; Korea)
  • Vice President (Next Congress): Aurelie Boissezon (Hepia Geneva, HES-SO; Switzerland)
  • Secretary General: Alice C. Hughes (Chinese Academy of Sciences; China)
  • Treasurer: Jos T.A. Verhoeven (Utrecht University; The Netherlands)
  • Chair Membership: (TBD)
  • Chair Future Congresses: (TBD)
  • Chair Public Affairs/Communication: (TBD)
  • Chair Science: Sandra Luque (IRSTEA National Research Institute of Science and
    Technology for Environment and Agriculture
    ; France)

The Governing Board Members are:

  • Cristina Banks-Leite* (Imperial College London; UK)
  • Scott Collins* (University of New Mexico; USA)
  • Nalaka Geekiyanage (Rajarata University; Sri Lanka)
  • Christine Hawkes* (North Carolina State University; USA)
  • Sun-Kee Hong (Mokpo National University; Korea)
  • Bas Ibelings (University of Geneva; Switzerland)
  • Stefan Klotz (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ; Germany)
  • Hiroyuki Muraoka* (Gifu University; Japan)
  • Shona Myers (Environment Court; New Zealand)
  • Péter Ódor* (Institute of Ecology and Botany; Hungary)
  • Zhiyun Ouyang (Chinese Academy of Sciences; China)
  • Francisco I. Pugnaire* (Spanish National Research Council; Spain)
  • Antonio Pusceddu* (University of Cagliari; Italy)
  • Peter Thomas* (Keele University; UK / Harvard University; USA)
  • Rachel White (University of Brighton; UK)
  • Kerstin Wiegand* (University of Göttingen; Germany)

The Board conducts its business mostly by correspondence, but meets at the International Congresses of Ecology, and at approximately yearly intervals, usually at other major ecological meetings around the world.