Presidential welcome

Eun_Shik_KimGreetings from the International Association for Ecology (INTECOL)!

INTECOL was found in 1967 to help coordinate activities among national ecological societies in over 70 countries. Individual members of INTECOL and associated ecological societies collaborate on studies of ecological issues of global concern. The major goal of INTECOL is to promote the science of ecology and its applications to meet global needs.

In 2017, INTECOL is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is at a crossroads in our association’s history that may well guide the future of our planet and the ecosystems for decades to come. Using this space, I would like to acknowledge the excellent leaderships, devotions, and kindest efforts exerted from the past Presidents and the Board including Professors John Lee of the UK and Helmut Lieth of Germany. While the roles of leaders of INTECOL become even more important toward the accomplishment of the vision and missions of INTECOL, INTECOL as a global organization for ecology is confronted with challenges to overcome for the societies and for the generations in the future.

Now, we find that our missions are to advance INTECOL, to serve diverse members of INTECOL, to meet the various needs coming from societies, and to promote the linkages between the science of ecology and policy measures. As the new President, I will put my energy in trying to upgrade INTECOL to an advanced global association for ecology and will work closely with the Board and the newly established Committee Chairs in addressing urgent needs from society and helping create ways to foster consensus among our individual members as well as national ecological societies who support INTECOL’s activities. Representing the Board, I will set higher priority as strategic actions for INTECOL as follows:

  1. making efforts in establishing secretariat on a permanent basis cooperated with organization, institute, or sponsors, which should be managed sustainably;
  2. analyzing the gaps in the needs and the services coming from the individual members, national ecological societies, and international ecological societies and trying to fill the gaps in the provision of various services requested from the members;
  3. making website as the central platform or forum where the scientists, decision makers, and public can meet and exchange ideas, share information, and advance ecology at a global level, which ultimately contribute to the sustainability of future and the society;
  4. managing finance of INTECOL securely and efficiently and inviting sponsors for the activities of INTECOL;
  5. strengthening the group activities such as INTECOL Wetlands Group and INNGE and further promoting the linkages to other group activities such as ILTER, GEO BON, etc.;
  6. cooperating with the local organizers of the 2021 Geneva Congress and encouraging the organizers to make the Congress successful and advanced one; and
  7. establishing clear governance system including the elections and management of the association and making it effective in the amendment of the Statues.

The Board is always delighted to receive ideas and suggestions from members on how we can improve what is the only truly international ecological society. If you have suggestions or want to get involved write to either me or Board Members.

Eun-Shik KIM
President of INTECOL